What is Interpreting?


Interpreting is oral translation, of a speech, a paper at a conference, an interview, etc. Our interpreters have a perfect command of the languages they work with and extensive experience.

There are several types of interpreting: Consecutive, simultaneous and whispered (or chuchotage).

Consecutive interpreting is used in negotiations, arbitrations, press conferences, product and service presentations, etc. It consists of interpreting short fragments of speech lasting approximately 10 minutes. The interpreter, seated next to the person talking, takes notes during the speech, and, when there is a pause, he/she interprets what has been said into another language.

Simultaneous translation occurs in real time. It is instantaneous, more suitable for conferences, congresses, courses and meetings. It requires the use of interpreting booths. The interpreter in the booth translates the speech simultaneously as it is produced. This is done using a microphone and headphones. The audience listens to the translated speech through headphones.

Whispered interpreting (or chuchotage) consists of simultaneous interpreting without the need for booths. For example, it occurs when clients visit your company. The interpreter accompanies the person throughout his stay or visit (in a foreign country, in a company, at a meal, etc.), translating without the need to take notes and ensuring communication with the rest of the people present.

Lastly, as with translations, there are sworn interpretations, which have to be performed by a Sworn Interpreter appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in certain cases such as: weddings, court cases, etc.

CLINTER covers all these requirements and places the best professionals at your service.

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